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Welcome to Absolute Love Publishing, an independent publisher devoted to creating and publishing projects that promote goodness.
We're home to Spirited Press & the min-e-book™.

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Absolute Love Publishing
Absolute Love Publishing is an independent publishing house devoted to creating and publishing books that promote goodness in the world.
Please see the About page to learn more about who we are and what inspires us and the Who We Publish page to discover our writers. Want to keep up with our news appearances, radio shows, and reviews? See News Buzz!

We offer popular categories of books to change your life, such as spiritual books; books with spiritual insights and quotes; body, mind, & spirit books; mysteries; inspirational books; law of attraction; fiction; non-fiction; New Age; New Thought; and metaphysical books. 

Absolute Love Publishing owns min-e-book.com and the trademark,
min-e-book. A min-e-book is a shorter-style e-book designed for a quick read.

In addition to ALP's more traditional publishing, we are home to Spirited Press, an assisted self-publishing imprint that helps writers get published, with a la carte book editing, marketing, and publishing services.
Please familiarize yourself with our books and see the contact page for further information on how to submit manuscripts for both ALP and SP. Writers and Authors: please see our blog for editorial and marketing tips!